Boko Haram Terrorists Killed About 70 Soldiers In An Ambush At Borno State.

Amidst the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus, the Boko Haram terrorists has struck again, as the insurgents fired a rocket-propelled grenade at the truck conveying the troops from the rear, killing no fewer than 70 Nigerian soldiers in the ambush.

The Coordinator, Defence Headquarters, Abuja explained that the soldiers were conveying bombs in a convoy during an ongoing operation, Ayiso Tamonuma, when the insurgents fired shots at their convoy and the bombs exploded leaving many soldiers lifeless.

“The terrorists got infomation about the operation from the villagers, so they laid staggered ambush for us and attacked our troops from the rear. When soldiers move like that, the rear mainly supports elements of the advancing forces while the main fighting force would be ahead”.

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