No Nigerian has Caught Coronavirus, “Our Blood Very Strong” – Nigerian Student in China

Some Nigerians still in China, including students, are not happy they are ‘trapped’ in the Asian country.

A Nigerian student in Lanzhou University, Lanzhou city, Gansu Province, who preferred anonymity, told The Guardian in a WhatsApp message: “Actually sir we are all fine here. Though we are not allowed to go out, we live normally. The school usually checks on us everyday, checks our temperature, and always asks us to put on nose masks no matter where we are. As much as you can in a day, wash hands and avoid touching other hands, shaking people, embracing.

“Where I am in is called Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. We have more than 150 Nigerian students, not the same campus but in the same city. Actually, if the Nigerian government can evacuate us, it is still good but for me, it is somehow late because by the beginning of next month, we will be resuming lectures.”

According to him, no Nigerian has caught the virus.

“Our blood is very strong. My message for the Nigerian government is that when next this kind of situation comes up in any part of the world and it happens that Nigerian citizens could be caught in the web, the government should always learn how to be fast in action like other countries did by evacuating their people home. We are hoping to be evacuated, but it is late already.”

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